Friday, August 6, 2010

Why developers don't like Java

You install the ME SDK, finally understanding that you found what you need.
The install page works only on IE ( and we thought java was competing with MS !). Doesn't work on FF or Chrome. Its a giant download but cannot be resumed. So when the internet connection breaks down (once a year, but exactly while your downloading it) you download it again.

Finallly you install it, and it says: You cannot install without a JDK, Minimum 1.6. Wait what's a JDK. so you look it up. There's JDK SE. So ME SDK needs JDK SE, but the JDK wont' work for Blackberry if you don't have the right WDE. You want MIDP support for CLDC. So all you have to do is install the JDK for JDE with EDJ for SDJ, without the SDE for the JDE, which of course will only support the JDSCLDSCE. That was easy, was it not?

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